Five good reasons to join Groupe Atlantic

1- An effective HR policy, named “Top Employer” in 2019 for the ninth consecutive year

The Group’s HR department has developed personalized orientation programmes, custom training programmes, and annual assessment interviews for discussing development and training needs.

The managers of tomorrow work in a virtual “incubator”, with specific training courses, for ten months. The goal is to provide them with the management tools they need and to develop a sense of belonging within the Group’s culture.

2-Steady growth over 50 years

The Group’s staff size has quatrupled in 25 years, and its turnover moved from 840 millions euros to 1.8 billion euros in just six years.

3-A business at the heart of energy issues

As experts in thermal comfort solutions, we are focused on making the most of resources, and we strive to adopt a sustainable development and eco-citizen approach.

4-Strong potential for innovation

4% of annual revenue is invested in Research and Development. For some projects, we are able to market a new solution within just 12 months of starting the design.

5-An international dimension

With operations in a hundred countries, the Group has 38 sales locations in Europe and 25 production sites, including 14 abroad. There are opportunities for mobility within the company.