The Orientation Process

Your are given an orientation when you join the Group. This is an opportunity to give you all of the tools you need to perform your job successfully.

Welcome Period

You receive several months of training on the Group’s business, its values, and its organisation so that you can better understand its challenges and its company culture.

Each site provides its own job profile training. For example, engineers are trained in the field and undergo an immersion period in the shop, working in direct interaction with the manufacturing teams.

Salespeople attend one of the nine training centres to learn about all of the Group’s products.

End of the Orientation

At the end of the trial period, an interview takes place, in which you provide a “discovery report”.

Orientation Assessment

This takes place ten months after you begin working at the company. Its purpose is to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on your level of satisfaction. If needed, it can be used to initiate additional actions to help you.