Internal Mobility

The Group boasts a highly effective mobility policy. Often discussed during annual assessments, the policy is designed to provide functional, geographical, and structural mobility.

There is room for internal mobility available just for this purpose.

Every 18 month, employee reviews take place between Human Resources and Site Managers in order to identify potential promotions and to monitor employees.

I joined GROUPE ATLANTIC in 1998, at age 25, immediately after graduation. Since then, I have had the opportunity to hold three different jobs within the company. What luck! Hired to the International division as an export sales assistant(logistics), I then worked as Asia Regional Manager for a few years, where I was responsible for sales. In 2002, I created the communications unit for the International division. Nothing like it had existed prior to that. It was a real challenge and a new job for me! Since then, I have continued my professional adventure along the same path, and I am now responsible for the Group’s institutional communication.
Pascale Gimeno, Communications Project Manager