At each site, the operational IT manage must ensure that the IT system is properly managed and that users have the support they need. At the head office, the 60 employees of the Group’s IT department managing strategic decisions and assist users. Being responsive and helpful, our IT staff relies of various skill sets to develop most of our applications in-house and to provide custom solutions and products.

Ideal Profile :

Candidates who are skilled in the following areas: systems and networking, development and analysis, project management, and user support.

Required Qualities :

Approachability and customer service, interest in new technologies, togetherness.

The diversity of our backgrounds is an asset at various levels, including infrastructures and networks, internal application development, and user support. With former accountants, sales assistants, production managers, customer service agents, musicians, painters, and marathon runners, IT never gets boring! Such diversity helps us relate to our internal customers in order to better meet their needs.
Jean Noël MARTINEAU, Marie-France LAPEYRE, Laurent GERMAIN, IT Department