Purchasing contributes to the Group’s development. It has a very broad scope… purchasing of manufacturing and technical products for R&D, manufacturing, and logistics and indirect purchasing and services for general services, support, sales, and marketing.

Our job is to reduce costs, ensure that supply is effective in terms of quality and time, and develop partnerships with our suppliers in order to support R&D during the prospecting and innovation phase. Our challenges are implementing a responsible purchasing policy that accounts for environmental and social criteria.

Ideal Profile :

Bac to Bac+5 with experience within industrial purchasing. Possible positions within the Group include purchasing manager, purchasing assistant, junior/senior purchaser, and supply manager.

Required Qualities :

Convincing, honest, curious, results-driven, straight-laced

Working with all of the departments within the Group, Purchasing must stand by the quality of internal suppliers. Our job includes managing the sales relationship, analysing upstream markets, supporting the product and service, meeting the company’s needs at the right price, and implementing progress plans. This is a big responsibility when you are manufacturing technically innovative products that affect the well-being of individuals !

Anne-Sophie CLEMENT, Purchasing Manager