Our customers know us primarily through our brands. The Communications department oversees the development of a strong image for each brand, including positioning, voice, and graphics. Communications operates through multiple types of media, including brochures, event planning, the press, radio spots, videos, multimedia, and more. There is also internal corporate communications carried out in the Group’s name.

Organized by division, the Communications department is involved in three areas :

  • Institutional communications to express the Group’s mission to candidates, opinion leaders, or internally.
  • Internal communications to align employees around the same project.
  • Trademark communications to make them known and to build awareness among customers, whether they are businesses or individuals.

Ideal Profile :

Bac+2 or Bac+5 or more training in business communications for computer graphics positions, communication manager, project manager for communications, or communications manager.

Required Qualities :

Creative, disciplined, teamwork, observant, and artistically open-minded.

In this business, everything is communicated via images, sounds, and words. The resulting work is seen, which is gratifying, but this leaves no room for mistakes! It’s exciting because it requires analytical skills and creativity. It’s exciting because you have to be thorough in addressing each issue or when writing a short bit of text. You must appreciate the quality of creative advertising, be able to drive providers to various profiles, choose the right messages and the right media, effectively deliver brands to their audience, and measure the impact !
Pascale Gimeno, Communications Project Manager