Human Resources

Human energy: our first source of energy !

The Group’s 9,400 men and women are our first source of energy, helping us move forward.

We all share the core values : target excellence for customers, aim for collective efficiency, develop expertise in our field and encourage open-mindedness.

Through these common values, all employees find their direction, grow, and develop within the Group.

We strive to support the growth of our employees. Through orientation, support, and special training to managers, everything is available for growth through the Group’s values.

Véronique Pin, Human Resources Communications and Hiring Manager

Women achievement in Industry

Dr Elaine Lancaster, Chief Technical Officer for GROUPE ATLANTIC with a PhD in metallurgy, is an excellent example of what the women of GROUPE ATLANTIC can achieve in our sector.

To learn more about her nomination as first female president of the EUA, (Energy & Utilities Alliance) click here.

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