Thermal Comfort Research Center (CRCT) Objective

Large-scale innovation !

In order to maximise the energy performance of our products, we have created a large-scale laboratory unlike any other in Europe.

The Thermal Comfort Research Centre (CRCT) was designed according to two main criteria:

  • Two completely identical houses used to carry out valid tests with equal conditions
  • Test different energy system technologies in order to determine which device combinations work best together

Our objective

Compare the relevance of different active thermal technologies and their interactions, in order to :

  • Measure the energy efficiency of different technologies in real-world conditions
  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop a system-level approach
  • Provide the first research ideas aimed at improving the systems installed in buildings in terms of comfort, air quality, energy consumption and efficiency in the home
The Thermal Comfort Research Centre lets us use tangle data to determine the best combinations of devices in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, giving relevance to our technological choices.
Uwe BRAMKAMP, Advance Research Manager

The two laboratory houses

Both houses are the same in terms of structure and climate conditions, and their exposure to the elements is identical (sunshine, temperature, humidity, rain, exposure to wind etc.).

Both houses comply with the 2005 French thermal regulations (RT 2005) and represent an “average” house for a family of four living in France: a kitchen, a lounge-dining room, four bedrooms, a bathroom, a shower room, a w.c. and a garage with adjoining storeroom, i.e. a four-bedroom detached house with approximately 109m² of living space.