Both laboratory houses can accommodate all active thermal technologies. The laboratory’s activity is mainly based on two test campaigns: winter and summer. The houses are fitted with hot water producers, ventilation systems as well as heating systems in winter and air conditioning systems in summer. Depending on the type of test and the equipment tested, it is possible to measure and compare the relative comfort (temperature, humidity and air quality) and energy consumption. The interactions between the different elements in the system can also be assessed, with the aim of finding out which configurations are best suited for both the new and renovation market.

Fitted equipment

  • Electric heating:

underfloor heating, radiators, radiant heaters and convectors

  • Reversible heat pump:

aerothermal and geothermal systems

  • Water heater:

electric storage heater, instant or storage gas heaters, solar or thermodynamic heaters

  • Domestic heater:

gas, heating oil and hybrid

  • Air conditioning:

ducted or multi-split

  • Ventilation:

single flow, double flow, Canadian well

  • Programming, home automation, control:

pilot wire, mains borne signalling, presence detector, window opening detector and external sensor

Test example

  • Hot water loop heating using dynamic radiators
  • Joule-heating with intelligent functions and self-learning system
  • natural cooling using the dual-flow system
  • hot water production using a thermodynamic water heater