A multi-products expertise

Within GROUPE ATLANTIC, we think in terms of global “solutions” whether they are individuals, collectives or commercials.

We are neither a producer nor a distributor of energy. We are interested in all energies with proven medium or long-term worth, regardless of whether it is conventional or emerging, including renewable energy, gas, electricity, fuel oil, biomass fuel, and more..

Our solutions promote energy savings and ease of use: ideal temperature and indoor air quality. Through their connection and the possibility of remote control, they allow you to manage your comfort as well as your consumption.

Because today’s choices affect tomorrow’s challenges, we factor our respect for the environment into everything. We guarantee ecologically-friendly solutions that are reliable, practical, and realistic.

Our goal is to provide thermal comfort to as many people as possible. The range of our products, the diversity of our brands, and our sense of service allow us to provide solutions for everyone’s needs and expectations.

Accessible to all…

  • Tailored distribution channels
  • Commitment to proximity
  • Available services

…and suited to each individual

  • Full product lines
  • Easy use
  • Budget-friendly solutions